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June 20th to July 21st





Kelly Lannin - Director,

 Janet Waters, Nancy Loch, 

Shanon Tate, Rachael Clark, 

Denise Clarkston, & Shannon Beacham


Special Guest Teachers include:

Liuba Kozireva Paterson, Steven Loch, and Ronnie Underwood




We are pleased to announce our 32nd ANNIVERSARY SUMMER INTENSIVE! We have been committed to offering our students a workshop intensive similar to that of the ballet schools of professional companies, one that would give them the opportunity to work intensively during the summer months when homework is not a distraction. The comprehensive program allows them to make great progress and improvement due to the longer classes and additional classes designed to train versatile dancers with strength and an understanding of proper technique.

Summer Workshop Intensive Dress Code:


No t-shirts or baggy pants or shorts are to be worn for any class. Hair must be worn in a slick, neat ballet bun with no bangs for all workshop classes. No jewelry. Small stud earrings are allowed.

Ballet - Simple, Solid Black Camisole leotard with pink convertible tights.  Full tights that cover the feet must be worn for ballet. Short ballet skirts may be worn. E/F dancers may wear any color leotard but it must be modest and fit properly. 

Modern – bare feet, convertible tights


Mime – same as ballet attire

Jazz – Black Jazz shoes, Convertible tights, Tight fitting black jazz pants or shorts may be worn over tights. No t-shirts.

Pilates, Yoga, Stretch and Conditioning  – bare feet, convertible tights, warmup may be worn. Teacher will use their discretion on dress.

Additional Information for Workshop Intensive:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to warmup up for class. Older dancers may require more time.

  • Please pick up your dancer 5 to 10 minutes after end time, but no more than 10 minutes. The studio will close promptly after the last class of the day. Many of our faculty drive from Dallas or Ft. Worth and need to get on the road promptly after class to avoid rush hour traffic. Please be considerate because our policy is to never leave a child unattended at the studio. Students who remain after pick up time will be charged based on the time we must pay our employees to wait with your child.

  • Healthy, high energy snacks and/or lunch should be provided each day as lunch and snack breaks are given. Drink machines with water bottles are available. Clearly labeled water bottles are to be brought to each class! Drink plenty of water, especially in the summer months where dehydration can occur more easily during physical activity! Dancers who do not eat a good breakfast do not do well with this rigorous schedule! Parents, please make sure your child eats a good breakfast with protein and plenty of water.

  • Each day, bring a pocket Notebook with pen or pencil for notes and handouts. It is needed for lectures, mime, choreography and other classes.  Please keep in your dance bag. It is wise to keep the same notebook each summer to accumulate notes.

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