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Natalie Beck


CLASSES TAUGHT: Twinkle Dance & Ballet. 1st year at Ballet Conservatory 


Natalie Beck is new to the Flower Mound area and after 16 years as a serious dancer, she was looking for a new dance home in Texas when she found Ballet Conservatory by chance! She grew up dancing in Salem, New Hampshire and after 5 years, her family relocated to California and she danced at Carlsbad Dance Centre for another 5 years. Once again, Natalie’s family moved and she began dancing in New Jersey at the Star Studio, and she was also able to dance at her High School where she was heavily involved for 4 years. She was a student teacher and enjoyed shadowing her teacher and learning many aspects of teaching such as creating lesson plans, teaching the beginner levels, and choreographing dances for the end of year performances. Natalie also taught at an after school dance program at Ironia Elementary School in Randolph, NJ. But among her most rewarding teaching experiences was assisting the Special Education Teacher at Randolph High School for 4 years. She served as a mentor to the students in all their course work, but one of her strengths was working with the children in their physical education classes. Her years of dance training gave her the ability to create fun games and movement skills to encourage overall participation of the students. 


For the past two and a half years, Natalie has studied Cultural Sociology and Philosophy at California Baptist University where she was a Dean’s List Student. Natalie is a perfect example of how the universal language of dance has allowed her to continue to dance, find a purpose, and make new friends, no matter where life took her. While ballet has always been her favorite, Natalie has extensive training in all dance forms. She has a passion for dance and is excited to share this with the younger students at Ballet Conservatory.



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