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Twinkle Dance at The Ballet Conservatory!!!

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Introducing our Preschool Dance Program!

Does your young child love to twirl to music and play

make believe? Then they will LOVE our new Twinkle Dance Program!

Ballet Conservatory is happy to incorporate this new and exciting program into our pre school curriculum. Each week we will hop, skip and twirl through an imaginary adventure while improving our coordination skills and confidence! The new curriculum makes it possible for a dancer to make up in the same level and receive the same themed lesson plan, even if they have a different teacher or if they take two classes a week! There are also fun activities such a Twinkle Bear Nutcracker Party in December! There will also be special Adaptive Dance Classes offered for those with special needs upon request.

We can’t wait to dance with you! 

Twinkle Dancers Receive the Best of Both Worlds!

  • We know that our students who have had their training at BC in Pre Ballet and Song and Tap are more prepared for regular training at age 6.

  • You will continue to receive the same wonderful instruction in technique BC is known for, with caring, professional dance instructors who can’t wait to share their love of dance with your little one. Their watchful eyes will prepare our youngest dancers for the older levels one day.   

  • The new curriculum has unique theme-based classes full of fun music, dances, and props such as “Twinkle Bear” who dances with us at each lesson! The Twinkle Dance Program is a tried and true curriculum that will keep your child excited for dance class week after week! 

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Song and Tap 2022.jpeg

What happens in a Twinkle Dance Class?

  • In each class we will dance with “Twinkle Bear” who joins us in warming up our muscles, stretching, and reviewing our ballet positions during warm-up. Other fun props are utilized as well as music they will recognize and love!

  • We practice our skills (and review their fancy French names) like relevé, plié, and jeté. Some classes will also introduce basic tap and jazz skills that help to improve musicality and fine motor skills. 

  • We travel to magical lands play pretend as beautiful flowers, birds, or even pirates!

  • We will practice motor skills and dance routines that we can’t WAIT to perform for you! 

  • Each class ends with your child getting a stamp or sticker to reward and celebrate their progress and success!

Lucy Ballet_edited.jpg

Twinkle Dance Levels

Twinkle Ballet: 3 - 4

(45 min class - must be 3 by September 1)

  • Dancers in this class are ready to participate in class without the help of a parent or caregiver.

  • Focus is on basic ballet and the introduction of dance terminology. Gross motor skills, coordination and creative movement are emphasized.  

  • Dancers will have the option to participate in the Studio’s recital in early June (New Spring Semester classes will not participate in recital).


Wed     3:45-4:30 PM          Waters

Thurs  5:00-5:45 PM           Rose

Fri   11:00-11:45 AM           Lannin

Sat     9:15-10:00 AM          Waters

Twinkle Ballet &
Twinkle Tappers: 4 - 5

(1 hour class - 30 min ballet and 30 min of tap (tap shoes needed) - must be 4 by September 1)

  • Continued emphasis on important ballet steps and terminology.

  • The second half of class will introduce basic tap steps and jazz steps. This encourages musicality and improves coordination and fine motor skills. 

  • Dancers will have the option to participate in the Studio’s recital in early June (New Spring Semester classes will not participate in recital).


Mon     5:15-6:15 PM                  Thie/ Rose

Tues     3:45-4:45 PM                  Waters/ Thie

Wed     5:15-6:15 PM                  Waters/ Clark

Thurs   3:45-4:45 PM                  Waters/ Thie

Sat      9:30-10:30 AM                 Thie

Adaptive Dance: 4 - 8

(30 min class with a parent or caregiver.)

  • Our Twinkle Dance Curriculum is individualized to make dance possible for those with special needs. Our adaptive class provides a joyful and engaging movement class.

  • Class size is limited and private or semi-private lessons are available upon request. 


*Private or Semi-Private lessons utilizing the Twinkle curriculum may be available upon request.*

Twinkle Dance Tuition

Twinkle Ballet - $65 a month

Twinkle Ballet and Twinkle Tappers - $70 a month

*Add a 2nd Twinkle class each week for $40 a month


REGISTRATION FEE: To make it simpler for new dance parents, our Twinkle Registration Fee is $75 but includes all the items you need to start your class. This fee is slightly higher than our regular BC

registration fee but includes the following fun perks:


  1. Twinkle Dancer pink leotard/ tutu ($43.00 value)

  2. One pair pink tights ($15.00 value)

  3. One pair pink Capezio ballet shoes ($24.value)

  4. One Princess Tiara ($5.00 value)

  5. BC Twinkle Bear Dance Bag ($5.00 value)

  6. Invitation to the Twinkle Bear Nutcracker Party in early
    December. (Priceless!)

Total Value: $92.00

Boys in the Program will need to purchase their own dance items and will not be charged the $75

registration fee. They will receive a dance bag designed especially for our boys and an invitation to the

Nutcracker Party! Boys will need:


  1.    A White t-shirt

  2.    Black tights or black leggings

  3.    Thin white socks

  4.    Black ballet shoes.

  5.    Black tap shoes (Only for "Twinkle Ballet & Twinkle Tappers" class)

Parents of dancers in the "Twinkle Ballet & Twinkle Tappers" class will be responsible for purchasing Tap shoes. Black tap shoes (Preferably with Velcro

closures) may be purchased at our Dancewear store or any dancewear or online store.


Tips for Success and
Things to Remember:

1. Arrive 5 minutes early so the dancers can get their dance shoes on and can say hello to their friends in the lobby. They should also be encouraged to go the bathroom before class begins. When dancers arrive late or have to leave class, it can disrupt the flow of class and distract attention away from the teacher. 

2. Practice quiet voices and calm bodies from the moment you walk in the front door. It’s easier to maintain a calm and focused energy in class when students are already calm and focused walking into class. 

3. Dancers and parents should wait until they are invited into the classroom by their teacher before entering the room. 

4. Dress for success! Always come prepared with appropriate dance wear and shoes. Hair should be pulled back away from the face and off the neck as in a bun or pony tail. Short hair should be pulled back with a headband. 

5. Lastly, we must also remember that these children are still very young! They will make mistakes, fall out of line, and should not be expected to behave “perfectly” in class. We are gently guiding them as they learn how to behave as students. While it’s important that they practice their dancing, it’s just as important that they learn to follow direction from a teacher, how to wait their turn, and how to line up for an activity. Celebrate their victories with us and help us encourage a positive relationship with dance that will last a lifetime! Communication with your teacher is key.

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